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elcome to Micro-Serv, your source for microscope preventive maintenance, microscope repair, microscope lamps and microscope bulbs. Micro-Serv provides professional, individualized full service preventive maintenance in the Midwest states of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. It is based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago.

Your microscopes are an important part of your work, and keeping them in optimum operating condition is a necessity.  Laboratory microscopes not properly aligned can produce a poorer quality image than a inexpensive children's microscope. Micro-Serv's technicians keep your microscopes in their best possible condition.

Minimize down-time, distortion and artifacts. Have your instruments professionally serviced at least once a year, or at six-month intervals when used 24 hours a day.

Micro-Serv services Medical Centers, Hospitals, Dr.'s Offices, Clinical Labs, Research Facilities, Veterinarians, Schools, Forensic Labs, Industrial and Metallurgical Accounts.

Micro-Serv specializes in on-site microscope service, but you can ship your microscopes to us for maintenance and repair, or drop your instruments off at Micro-Serv if nearby.

Micro-Serv has been performing Full-Service Microscope Preventive Maintenance and Microscope Repairs on all brands of light microscopes for 30 years. Our technicians received training from both Zeiss and Olympus, and take pride in their attention to detail and professional service. Micro-Serv is a family owned and operated business in operation since 1982, Micro-Serv strives for excellence.

Our pledge: Full Service.

( Zeiss Fl scope broken down, prior to full-service Preventive Maintenance.)

Micro-Serv's technicians take your microscopes apart, remove old dried lubricant, apply fresh lubricants, clean all surfaces, clean accessible optics, reassemble and align the microscope, establish Kohler illumination, and check for proper operation. 

*Minor repairs are performed free of charge.


Keeping your microscopes in optimal operating condition is our only business.

Micro-Serv's Full Service Preventive Maintenance Includes:

                1.  Disassemble instrument to enable thorough cleaning
                   2.  Remove old & apply fresh lubricants to focus & mechanical functions

                   3.  Adjust focus and mechanical functions as necessary
                   4.  Clean all accessible surfaces
                   5.  Clean all accessible optics
                   6.  Re-Assemble instrument
                   7.  Align instrument & establish Kohler illumination
                   8.  Clean & align attachments such as Fluorescence, Cameras, etc.
                   9.  Perform free minor repairs
                  10.  Apply dated service sticker
                 11.  Explain any repairs needed (permission will be obtained before performing)

*Minor Repairs Performed Free of Charge with Full-Service P.M.

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